Associate Member Charter

Introduction (Charter Document)

The Center for Human Factors and Ergonomics (CHFE) is an organization that has been created to carry out research on the impact of human factor related risk within the process industries. It is furthermore intended that the findings of the research shall be made available to industry through educational seminars, webinars and published reports.

In order to achieve these goals the organization will be operated as a self-financing company with research activities funded by the profit created through sales of workshops, seminars and reports. It is not anticipated that the organization will be profit generating, in that all income will be fully reinvested in the research activities.

Associate Members are an essential element in the success of the organization.

What is an Associate Member?

An associate member is a third party company or individual that contributes to and participates in the research and educational activities of the CHFE.

What are the benefits of becoming an Associate Member?

An associate member, along with the prestige of being part of CHFE, will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Participation in research activities
  • Participation in educational seminars, webinars and workshops
  • Rights to use executive summaries of research reports
  • Access to full research reports
  • Rights to use logo on Associates website
  • A link to the members website from the CHFE website
  • Networking with fellow members and CHFE event attendees

It should be noted, however, that all proceeds from events and the sale of CHFE reports, will be retained by the CHFE.

How do I become an Associate Member?

CHFE is administered by a board appointed by the CHFE. Application to become an Associate Member can be made directly to a board member or by contacting CHFE administration using contact information provided on the website.

What are the commitments of an Associate Member?

Membership of CHFE is free to Associate Members, however, the following are requirements of continued membership:

  • Representative attendance at participating public seminars (substantially reduced attendance fee to cover administration and refreshments)
  • All travel and living expenses to be covered by the Associate Member for member personnel.
  • Participation in research activities on an agreed basis at the member’s expense.
  • Participation in seminars and workshops by providing subject matter experts as presenters. The cost of the presenter will be covered by the member, however, the attendance fee above will be waived.
  • All CHFE events to be advertised by the member, at the member’s expense, through regular marketing channels.

Intellectual Property

The rights to intellectual property can be difficult to manage and so the CHFE operates on a simple model:

  • Each member will be expected to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement protecting the member, CHFE and other members of the organization.
  • All member provided materials (presentations, white papers, contact details etc.) will remain the property of the member. The member should mark all material as Propriety to their organization. CHFE will not use any provided materials without the prior consent of the rights owner.
  • The findings of all research carried out under the auspices of CHFE remain the property of the CHFE. CHFE will make Executive Summaries available for the use of Associate Member organizations.


Workshop material will be developed by Associates from their own expertise and knowledge of a human factors problem or from extraction of Research recently identified in a site study.

Any material developed by an Associate shall remain the property of the Associate and their organization. Any material presented at a CHFE event must be marked company propriety to remain their IP.

The Associate will maintain the right to promote their own solutions to identified problems and will receive the endorsement of the Center HFE LLC through the Centers website, technical papers, and newsletters to a wide audience of customers.

Workshop materials, advertising and booking rooms and hotels will be administered through the Center HFE.

Research Studies

Associates will participate either on their own or in teams with other associate members to study HF&E problems identified by and authorized by the Center HFE. Research topics will be reviewed by a board of directors and authorized in accordance with the rules of engagement and sponsorship of research topics.

Identification of potential sites and getting authorization from a site to study their practices will be funded by the Center HFE.

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Application for Associated Membership should be made in writing to:-

Board of Directors
Center for Human Factors & Ergonomics LLC
48412 N. Black Canyon Hwy.