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The Center for Human Factors & Ergonomics.
A process industry specific research and education company.

About CenterHFE

The Center conducts research on how to mitigate the risk of low probability events in highly hazardous industries. The results of our research are presented in a variety of human factor and ergonomic seminars, workshops and on-line courses.

The Center consists of Associate member companies each with world-class expertise in specific aspects of process industry operations.

Our expertise allows us to combine best practices, regulations, industry standards, with human factor and ergonomic solutions to mitigate operating risk. learn more →

Research and Training

Enforcing Barriers,Safety leadership, Engineering design,Management of change, Control/instrumentation and more.
Learn how to manage the principles.

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1. Actions that went wrong

These can occur during a familiar task like forgetting to do something, which is particularly relevant to repair, maintenance, calibration or testing.

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2. Human Errors and decisions

Errors of decision-making where decisions are formed from first principles and lead to misdiagnoses or miscalculations.

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3. Short Cuts & Deviations

They are rarely willful and usually result from an intention to get the job done despite the consequences.

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